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Rail Nation:
Your Business. Your Game.

On your path to becoming a business tycoon, there are quite a few challenges to overcome. Are you agile enough to keep up with industry trends? Or will you play it safe and stick to old strengths? Where will you invest and what will you choose to avoid?

All your decisions will lead to your success.

Partners and Competition

The market is fiercely contested. To keep the supplies running efficiently, you'll need to cooperate with other railway companies in your business. At the same time, they're your direct competitors. This is where business instincts come in handy – as well as perseverance.

Negotiate hard and make deals in your favour!

Cities grow into megacities

Just like your business, each city also starts small. Your deliveries and investments will enable the cities to grow and keep developing. As living conditions improve, consumers will demand more modern goods.

Satisfy this demand and generate the highest return on investment!

Research and development

While you lead your business ahead of the competition, you'll drive forward innovation. Together with your team in the laboratory, you'll equip your vehicle fleet with the latest technology to make your trains faster and stronger.

Become the first mover and stay at the cutting edge in the race for the best research!

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