The strategy game
for real railway tycoons!
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Your loyal companions

More than 150 realistic trains from all over the world and from all railway eras – steam, diesel and electric – are available to you. Continuously research new technologies and upgrades for your trains in the categories of reliability, acceleration, speed and tractive force. Expand your railway network, develop the most lucrative routes and become a railway tycoon!


Steely teamwork

Found your empire in one of 50 cities and team up with other players in an association. Devise a strategy against the competition and supply the most tactically important industries. Support the city with your deliveries on its way to becoming a megacity and lead it to victory together!


Your glorious headquarters

Your personal railway station is not only for showing off. Upgrade the different buildings like the engine house, track production and hotel, and benefit from additional funds and valuable prestige. A well-developed infrastructure offers you countless new options: the more engines and the larger your railway network, the greater your influence will be.


Profit around the clock

Time to boost the economy! Supply industries with the required raw materials and deliver processed goods to the city. Different transports can be linked together to be even more efficient. Help industries grow by investing capital and reduce production times while achieving maximum profit!


Full steam ahead

Success will be rewarded! Unlock achievements and gain the valuable victory points associated with them. Buy licences and the support of famous personalities in the history of economics in auctions and earn huge bonuses on your deliveries. Send your trains in thrilling races against other players and claim amazing prizes!

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